10 Spooky Tips for a Safe Halloween!

Halloween is a time for kids (and adults) to dress up, have fun, indulge in treats, and enjoy the last bit of fall weather before Jack Frost comes to town! What a joyful time! To help you and your littles have the best holiday, we put together 10 Spooky Tips for a Safe Halloween:


1. Wear reflective clothing or ornaments

Add reflective tape to costumes or bags, wear reflective necklaces, and encourage your littles to carry or wear glow sticks.

2. Beware of leaf piles

Though huge piles of leaves are extremely tempting to jump into, it is better to prevent children from doing this. There could be hidden sticks, thorns, bugs, or rocks.

3. Practice holding hands, looking both ways, and crossing the street

The streets will be crowded, hectic, and filled with a lot of stimuli for little ones. It is important to practice staying alert, looking for cars and other vehicles, and holding hands before crossing any streets.

4. Make sure the costume fits!

Ill fitting costumes may cause some trips and tumbles. It is best to make sure your children’s costumes are the proper length and not too baggy. 

5. Put your littles in bright shoes

There will be so many kids running around in costumes, maybe even the same one as your child. It is good practice to put your little in an easily recognizable, bright colored, and comfy 😉 pair of shoes so they will be easier to spot in a crowd.

6. Make a safety plan

Before leaving the house make sure your little knows what you want them to do if they get lost, how to interact with other Trick-or-Treaters, and strangers. You can even write your cellphone number on the inside of their bag or costume in case of an emergency.

7. Put your screens down for the night

Caretakers and Littles both need to stay alert and off of screens on Halloween. With all the chaos it is better to stay focused on what is going-on right in front of you.

8. Try to use makeup or face paint instead of masks

Masks are fun but can impair your child’s ability to see clearly. 

9. Drive Slowly during Trick-or-Treat hours

Make sure you know when your Halloween begins and ends and be extra careful to drive slowly and undistracted.  Make sure you are aware of the dates and times for all the neighborhoods you frequent so you can drive safely during their celebrations too!

10. Dress your kids (and yourself) appropriately for the weather

Depending on where you live Jack Frost may be stopping by early (he definitely makes an appearance around this time in Western PA). Keep kids warm to prevent picking up any colds during Trick-or-Treating. If you live in a warm climate, make sure your littles aren’t over heating in their costume. They will be running around a lot and may be too excited to let you know they are getting too hot.


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