Advent Calendar: Printable Holiday Adventures for You + Your Littles!

In case you're new here, our mission is to encourage parents and kids alike to spend more quality time outdoors.

We want your family to be intentional about the time you spend together and to make sure you take time away from your busy schedules to stay active as a family.

Never is this more important—and more challenging—than during the holiday season. As an adult, it's easy to forget the wonder and magic of the holidays. It's easy to let shopping, gift wrapping, and hectic schedules overshadow the first snow of the season, the countdown to Christmas on the advent calendar, and spending quality time with family. 

We're hoping to make it a bit easier to be active, not busy this holiday season by giving you the gift of adventure! We put together a printable list of holiday activities to inspire joy and help you unplug and get active as a family.

Just download the printable worksheet, cut out the activities, and fill your advent calendar! There are 12 holiday activities included on our printable sheet. We suggest filling the remaining days on your advent calendar with treats and small toys. 


We would love to see you out adventuring in December - make sure you tag so we can share in your holiday joy!

 - Catherine