Another First!

Trade show season. There are so many emotions. We’re excited, thrilled, scared, and in disbelief. But mostly—we’re ready. We’re ready to be here. We’re ready to have a presence. We’re ready to get it. This carter joey company has been in the making since winter of 2018. 2018, folks. That’s almost four years of dreaming, talking, exploring, planning, designing, deciding, and now, buying a booth at a trade show. 

We’ll be attending the ABC Kids Expo in Florida this September. It’ll be our official debut of the carter joey brand to the juvenile industry. Damon is no stranger to this show, he’s walked the floor many a time. But representing our own brand is a new, tingly feeling. We are filled with eager hopes and measured expectations. 

We’ve identified another, new tradeshow we hope to attend this Winter as well, Outdoor Retailer in Denver.  We’ll be scoping out the brands, designs, materials, suppliers, manufacturing options, and the future of outdoor products.  I've never been to Colorado, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to mix a little business with pleasure!

Behind the scenes, we’re working with Responsival to update our cute, homegrown website. We’re thrilled that a group of technical professionals took our project on to redesign our web store. As we said in our last newsletter, the book and T-shirts will be for sale soon! 

 There’s so much more in the works that I’d love to share with you! But I'll continue to give real, true updates as we accomplish them. Happy Summer, All. Go be active, not just busy.