Big News!

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I have books upon books filled with internal thoughts, dreams. And when I was younger written communication flowed easier than actually speaking.  Since honing my interest both corporately and personally I’ve wanted something, anything, of mine to be published. Something concrete for me to point to and say – “I did that. I wrote that.”


Above, you’ll see the cover of our first book series “Carter Joey and Grandma go Hiking.” I don’t want to spoil the read, but the premise is CJ’s first hike and the obstacles he encounters.

As a parent, I walk the line between wanting to protect my kids from every harmful thing in the world and preparing them for the ugliness.  In time, I’d like my children to grow up understanding they will face hard things. Life is not always easy. But, #1 we will be there, #2 they can get through it and #3 they can help others get through hard times too.

I’m excited to share these little stories. Two more titles are in the works already. At the moment, you probably won’t find these books in your local book shop. But if you’re headed to a State Park, you may just see it in a gift shop!

Separately from this book, the carter joey team has been diligently working to bring our first few products to life. We’ve been in constant dialogs with our manufactures, collaborating with more colleagues from our 4moms days and it seems like every few weeks we get new prototype samples that bring us closer to our final goal.  Thank you for your patience! But for the mean time, if you’re itching to sport the cj brand we’ll be hosting T Shirts on our website. We anticipate both the book and the T shirts to be available on our website for purchase by August, if not sooner!

Thank you to those who carry the cj brand with fondness and cheer us on from near and afar. Much like the character from our book, with your help it’ll be easier to grow, learn, and in turn help others start their passion too.

How’s that for a full circle?