Cheers to Dads!

Being outside has always been my favorite place to be. Lounging in the sun, playing barefoot in the grass or sitting around a fire is always on the top of my list.  However, I also like being in the kitchen, it’s not so much the actual location as it is another area where creativity can occur.  The magic of making something from nothing. I like to block Sunday afternoons for my weekly baking of sweet treats for the upcoming week. It’s a time where I can zone out, follow a recipe and dance a little as I do it. 😊 Sometimes little legs walk in, ask what I’m doing and ask if we can get their Helper Stool so they can help.  Of course we can, little babe.

It’s special, teaching your Little how to do something. It’s special because it is again an opportunity to exercise patience.  Resisting the urge to take control so mounds of flour don’t end up on the floor can be a real struggle. But it’s special really because it serves as yet another memory they will have being with mommy or daddy.  So what if you have a salt bite in your banana bread, cheese in your white cake, an egg shell in your coffee, or a little dirt on those ribs? We have years and years of eating nearly perfect food, and one day we’ll miss the days when they ask to help. We’ll miss the days when we can plop them on the counter and engage with them in such pure, sweet moments.  And whatever frustrations you encounter during the mixing or prepping, it all melts away with your heart when they run back up to you and say “thank you for teaching me that, mommy.” 


Kitchen ideas for you and your Little:

Eggs & Waffles

Chocolate chip cookies

Breads & muffins