Let's Celebrate!

Happy Birthday! October is celebration month in the Claus House!  

Our boys were born two years and ten days apart, so for now we shamelessly have a joint birthday party. :D We sprang for a bounce house for the kids to enjoy and I even baked two cakes. My mama is insistent that we bake our children their own birthday cakes, and I’m glad we’ve adopted the tradition. While the cakes aren’t perfect, they’re iced with love and fun memories. 

Beyond celebrating the boys, we have another new birth to celebrate—our new carter joey website! Our website redesign is complete. Although we’re always making updates and changes, we’d still like to invite you to check out the site again.  

We’ve got the book up for sale.  

We’ve got T-shirts up for sale. 

We’ve got a ton of excitement and a whole lot of momentum.  

We have an e-commerce site that is fully functional—can you hear me getting giddy?! In some ways it feels like we’ve been waiting and waiting, and in other ways I have to pinch myself to believe we are finally here. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: THANK YOU. Thank you for your interest, your encouragement, and your support. This is the beginning of something incredible and you all have a front row seat with us on this wild ride! 

- Catherine