Happy Holidays

I just reread my post from December 2021 and we accomplished everything except a new book. I’ll point to Conner for my lack of time and creative abilities. But that little elf is worth more than a new book to offer. 

I can’t wait to see the way the next twelve months are going to shape the rest of our future. We’re launching our second product next spring; we’re going to more trade shows; we’re producing more content to become a trusted, sought-after resource for parents; and we’re going after funding to enable market expansion. We’re working on this brand more than we ever have. 
carter joey to-dos have now turned into a daily activity for me, Damon, and the rest of the CASTUS team. The evolution of the carter joey brand is going to be an epic experience. We are very much a start-up right now and if you’ve ever been a part of one or have known them, start-ups are hard work. The scrappiness of it all doesn’t bother me—that, I find fun. But product line growth, company abilities, retail partnerships—the girth of organizations, that’s the evolution. I’m very excited for carter joey to put some meat on its bones.  
Oh, 2023—do we have plans for you! Do we have expectations for you! Get yourself ready, get your rest. We’re going to put you to work. We’re coming for you with a fire, passion, and sense of urgency we’ve yet to deploy. We hope you keep an eye on us as we start to see the fruit of these labors, but for right now—we just hope you have a wonderful holiday. Keep your hearts light. Merry, Merry on!