Another Year With carter joey

Last month we looked back. This month we look forward. 


Big personal news from the Claus House – baby #3 coming late April, 2022! Yay! And What?! Three babies? While we work two other full-time jobs and trying to get this new brand off the ground? Well, yep. Why not? 😊 Truthfully, I’m so excited for this little one. Carter is fully in the girl camp, and Deacon just likes to give the baby bump a hug. We aren’t finding out the gender until Reveal Day though, it’ll be a surprise for us all!  


carter joey has genuinely been so fun to work on this past year. We’ve added features to our infrastructure, we’ve fine tuned our brand definition, we’ve created a product pipeline and we’re currently waiting on the shipment of our first product. We’ve grown so much in our understanding of what we want this company to be, how we interact with future employees and what standards we hope to uphold. Defining our first and core value as Family First will continue to be the cornerstone with which we build others from.  


This may be the eternal optimist in me, but this next year seems like nothing but opportunity and endless possibilities! :D Our products will be delivered in early Spring, a new babe, new trade shows, more product samples from our pipeline, hopefully a new book written, the list could go on and on!  Even though I’m fully a Positive Polly, I’m also a realist. We will learn. We will try and fail. We will succeed. We will grow. And we will keep walking through these open doors. 


But during this holiday season, we will choose to rest. We rest in knowing what is coming. we rest to prepare. We rest and be thankful. We hope you are able to choose the same. To be intentionally together with the loved ones in your life.   


We hope you all have a merry and bright 2022!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!