How to Keep Kids Entertained and Engaged During Summer Break

Summer is in full swing, which means that most kids are out of school and on a different rhythm. While rest and fun are important for children of all ages, you can still keep their minds engaged outside of the classroom during this season. Our suggestions can be enjoyed by the whole family.



Use national holidays as an opportunity to learn. National Jell-o Day is July 12; watch a video about the structure of why Jell-o jiggles and then have the kids help make some to see the science in action and enjoy a yummy treat. To commemorate National Moon Day on July 20, read a book about the moon and the astronauts who have walked on its surface; before bedtime, go to the backyard and see what phase the moon is in. To mark National Lion Day on August 10, research lions and then head to the nearest zoo to see them in person.


Summer Reading List

Create a summer reading list. You can even make it into a bingo board that is easily adaptable to all ages and reading levels. There are great ideas online, but it can include squares like “Read out loud to a pet or stuffed animal”; “Read in bed”; or “Find a new word (that you look up).” Once your kiddo gets a bingo, they get a prize.


Learn on the Go

Summer is the busiest travel season, and you can take advantage of a family trip by planning some educational activities. If you’re hitting the road, plan to make a stop or two at historical sites, natural landmarks, or museums along the way. Use the travel time to listen to a podcast or read about where you’ll be stopping so everyone is familiar and excited.

The most important thing is to encourage the children in your life to ask questions and be curious about the world around them. By fostering creativity and helping them to see that the world is full of wonder, you support them in becoming lifelong learners.