Haircuts and Donuts

Carter Joseph is our oldest son — three going on thirty. This child is a wonder and terror all wrapped up in a ball of energy who knows too much, corrects too much, and tears our hearts open with his fierce love (never) too much.  

Carter starts his day with barely eating breakfast and heading straight to play with his Thomas and Pearcy trains. He’s the last one at the dinner table — finding a way to turn his green beans into rockets or his fork into an airplane. His imagination never takes a break. He grows wild and free and we often refer to him as a “free range” baby. “Don’t hold me back, mom and dad, I’ve got things to do.”  

While he’s hitting his golf balls or playing cars, he’s always asking for mom or dad to play with him. Oh, my heart; may he never stop asking! Among the daily chores needed to keep a home running, we find time to stop and enjoy a little make-believe with Carter. It’s always interesting to hear his take on the activity:  Who’s going to win the race? Are you going to get a hole in one? It’s not quite the result an adult expects. He’s not playing to win or to get a hole in one. He’s playing for the experience, for the interaction, and the bonding with mom and dad.  

One day Damon took Carter to get his haircut and in the early days of haircuts with Littles, sometimes bribing is necessary. Conveniently, a Dunkin was across the street from the hair cutting place. Damon, of course, took the opportunity to get a sweet treat along with a haircut. However, now Carter believes donuts are a part of EVERY haircut. And we’re okay with this expectation. It is a loving reminder to stop in the middle of the errands, take a moment with your Little, and be with them. Experience life’s sugar with the children in your life. It’s worth your time and it’s worth the calories! 😊 At the end of the day, the Little is going to remember your (inadvertent) new routine of haircuts and donuts. And those are memories worth a lifetime.