Meet Carter!

carter climbing a tree

Carter Joseph. This wild child with wonderous eyes has simply stolen our hearts since the beginning. However, he’s also made us question everything we knew about ourselves. Before we had kids, our friend Henry warned us “kids will blow up your life, in the very best way possible.” Henry wasn’t wrong, in our experience; Carter has challenged all areas in our life. There’s nothing like a child to show you just how selfish you were with your time.

That’s what I missed most after I had kids — my own time. Time. To do. Anything. These days I get excited to go fetch my grocery pick up, truly. But whatever I’ve lost through this daily refining, I’ve gained so much more in learning about this little Carter Baby. This child who continually seeks our attention, approval, love, and care. This child who can never get enough of us. This unending adoration sometimes seems impossible to reciprocate. As he’s grown in years, he’s shown us and granted us access to his personality, to who he is in the present moment.

As he’s grown in years, he’s also become interested in experiencing our hobbies, the things we like to do. In the summers he asks to go to the “big course” with daddy – which is just a practice green. But to him, there’s nothing better than being with daddy, swinging a golf club. When Carter was about 1.5 years old, I took him on a toddler friendly hike. The trails were smooth, wide, filled with updated bridges and it had a waterfall at the end. Carter loved it, he wanted to stop and look at everything. And that’s when it hit me. 

All my things will become our things. I’ll get to share all the things I love to do with my babies. I don’t have to give up my hobbies, I’ll be able to teach them to Carter and get better at them in the process.

I wondered. Maybe we could create a brand, an awareness around spending time with the children in your life, specifically outside. 

Thus, the carter joey company was formed.

-Catherine, Co-Founder