Let's Make Resolutions Together!

A new year, a new start. A chance to do things better. Or simply just differently than we how were doing them. The new year is a time for not only reflection, but action.

You could ask yourself:

What do I want to do more of? What do I want to do less of? What does living a truly full life look like for me and my family?

Now comes the fun (and sometimes challenging!) part - taking action. At carter joey, we're all about meaningful action. So, we've created a printable New Year's Resolution sheet to help you and your family get resolutions on paper and #beactivenotbusy in the New Year.

Just print out the sheet, discuss as a family, and fill it out. Then, hang it on the fridge so that the entire family can keep your resolutions top of mind. 



Whether it's cooking trying new recipes or making beds everyday, the goals are all your own. And make sure to capture the memories you are making along the way! As you follow through on your New Year's Resolutions, print off a picture and place it in the printable frames.



These will be great reminders for you and your littles of all the amazing things you've done together!

- Catherine