Our 1st Product Is Here!

We were living in a little row house where we could walk Carter down to the community daycare in the mornings. This particular morning, we couldn’t find any mittens to keep his hands warm, so I grabbed some oversized socks with rattles on them and used them as mittens. He loved them. Damon says he wiggled his hands the whole way to daycare. I tried to buy rattle mittens but I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I thought, halfheartedly, let’s make them then.


I’ve always bugged Damon with my ridiculous business opportunities. This offhanded idea was no different—until it wasn’t. Until I couldn’t let it go. Until I continued to have outdoor experiences with my children and saw an open space in the market for a brand specifically built for kids, not just miniature versions of adult outdoor products.  



We’re happy to finally show off the first carter joey product—the rattle mitten. It’s meant for babies about six months old, who have some motion control and are ready to be entertained. It has a soft interior to keep your baby doll’s hands warm on walks or while spending time in the colder weather. The rattle mitten will have enough room and a rubberized palm to protect your babe’s hands as they begin to crawl and walk. And since everything goes in the mouth at that stage, the mitten also features a boucle exterior that doesn’t pill or shed. Not to mention the whole reason we created it—a sewn in rattle for entertainment and pure joy!  



We’re thrilled to bring this first and newest product to market. It’s been in my brain and heart for over four years, and it’s been incredible watching it become a reality through different iterations, new manufactures, and many patient days.