Our Newest Addition!

Conner Baby joined our family back in April and it’s been a sleepless time warp ever since.  What month are we in? What day is it? What’s happening? Are my kids alive? Okay, good. That’s all that matters. :D Since returning to work full time, while keeping Conner home those questions are all too real.

Hey, did you see those Rattle Mittens we launched in May?! They finally came in! We did it! A delivery truck rolled up to our driveway and said “Hey, are you Joey Carter?” and we were left with 10 boxes of mittens. :D Damon went to the ABC Tradeshow in Las Vegas back in May – 3 weeks after Conner was born. You can’t say we aren’t committed to this business! And from the show’s efforts, we are officially in 4 specialty retailers across the country! Woo Hoo! Go team!  It’s still hard for me to believe sometimes.  People actually want to sell carter joey in their stores.


While we continue to expand the Mittens, we’re working hard on finalizing our second product, scheduled to launch later this year too. This second product really brings the brand to life, we believe. The Mittens are an adorable introduction to carter joey, but the upcoming product pipeline is the foundation of the company’s heart and soul. Our goal is to build products that help create memories. Our goal is to give caregivers the encouragement to set aside time with the children in their lives.  These products can teach ways of interacting, of learning. The carter joey products won’t be the long term memory, but they can definitely be the catalyst to create them.



Damon and I are just so excited for this company and the potential it has to impact the caregiver and child relationship. We’re going to keep trying, keep knocking, keep designing. You just sit tight and watch us. Or join us – you could do that too. Let us know if you want to support the carter joey company in your particularly gifted way!