It’s like a rollercoaster, this startup life. The beginning of the year was a simple introduction of our hopes for this brand. A “let’s get an Instagram account and try to make a consumer product” idea. It grew into product teasers, manufacturing relationships across the world, exciting product samples, tech packs of pipeline products, a children’s book, a website redesign, T-shirts, a fully functional e-commerce website, and finally, our first real purchase order with our manufacturer. 

It's overwhelming to think back over this year. The fact that we’ve consistently released these monthly newsletters is surprising. I’ve enjoyed writing to you all every month. It’s a little family life update mixed with a little business. 

We aren’t perfect and we move slow, but we sure do move. We move. That’s what I’m most thankful for. The ability to commit and go. To try. To believe in ourselves. 

We are grateful for this chance. This team. This dream. This support system. We are grateful for the ups and downs, the learnings, the mess-ups, the laughs along the way, and most importantly—the “free-range” babe who inspired it all. 

We’ve thanked you readers and followers. But now it’s time to thank those behind the scenes. Those who’ve taught us and walked with us: 

Base Design: 





Abby Sliger, Product Manager 

Lucy Franklin, Editor 

Jessica Butala, Soft Goods Consultant 

Blair Petershiem & Melissa Zucca, Early Brand Ambassadors 


In this month of showing gratitude, we are. For them. For you. 

But especially for Carter and Deacon.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 

- Catherine