The Next Phase

The days are a little different now. Three is more. While we’ve been walking through the valley of diapers and nursing, our family has been changing. We’ve been growing, stepping into the next phase, slowly but definitely surely. Without my prenatal brain fog, I see a new team. It’s not as little as it used to be, it’s not as young as it was. Did I miss it? Did I miss our graduation, or was I there and just didn’t know it? 


As Pittsburgh moves into the bitter grey season, we’re doing our best to spend time outside. You can typically see the Claus House moving on Sunday afternoons through our Instagram stories. Don’t be surprised if you see us covered in mud from the dog park, or bundled up by the river, we’re just trying our best!


You know who else is trying their hardest? The carter joey team.


carter joey is such a wonderful gift to us. We are so blessed to work around and with this team—we learn so much from them. Every day. The mission of this whole thing is nothing short of inspiring, tangible, and real. The actual work is so fun, it’s almost like it’s not fair to get paid for it. Who doesn’t like to hang outside, watching kids play around? We pinch ourselves, regularly, to believe this is us. This is what we’re doing now.


Our Sales team brought on a new door to the distribution. Damon is heavy in building our runway. We’re ramping up our next product launch in March. We’re gaining local footing with book readings and brand collaborations. We’re planning for the ABC trade show in May again. AND WE’RE ONLY 45 DAYS INTO THE YEAR!


Buckle up. I told you this was going to be a big year. These will become denser, without a doubt. Get out there and do something. Go be active, stop being busy.