These Are the Days

Dinner prep. Two babies crying. One slashed his toe when popping a balloon with a pen and the other has been awake since 11:30 am. The oldest screaming at me from the backyard to come see his flower bomb growth. My hands covered in raw chicken, eggs, milk, and panko, trying my hardest to get food in bellies before soccer practice at 6:00 pm. MS Teams chimes. 


Hey Google: play Clair de Lune. 




it’s just a little peek into our home, it’s real and, at times, tense. And for those of you who haven’t heard your own in-house crying competition, it sounds terrifying. Oh, but do I love this little rowdy troop of mine. Even if he won’t let me clean his toe, even if his stems only grew half a centimeter since yesterday, even if little baby won’t let me out of his sight—I love it. All of it. 



When we go out in public, we typically get smiles and loving looks from veteran parents who tell us, “Those are the days, enjoy them because they go by too fast.” I believe them now. It’s hard for me to rationalize that we are now joining a school district and have a whole new culture to learn. Carter will be entering kindergarten next fall and while he’s thrilled just to ride a bus, I’m left reeling from the veterans’ own truth bombs. 

These days I’m leaning in, trying to lean all. the. way. in. I’m seeing situations where I can take a deep breath and count to four. I’m seeing more ways to try new things with these babies—because it might feel good. And just praying to the Good Lord that these grown-up kids will come back one day. 


Who says parents can’t learn from Daniel Tiger? 


In case you missed it, carter joey became one of Daniel Tiger’s only 40 worldwide licensers! We are thrilled and humbled to partner with Fred Rogers Productions in bringing Daniel Tiger to the outdoors! Check out the article here:  

A Little Recipe to Help You Get Through the Week

Beth’s Chicken Tenders  

  • Coat 2 lbs of chicken tenders in seasoned flour.  
  • Drench them in milk and egg.  
  • Dip in seasoned panko  
  • Fry them in oil for a few minutes on each side until internal temp of 165
If you have Chick-fil-A sauce in your house, then you’ve just won the dinner game that night.