What Does It Look Like to Chase Your Dreams?

What does it look like to chase your dreams? What does it look like for you to have courage? What does it look like to push yourself, to hold yourself accountable?



For us it looks like 9:00 pm product design reviews or conversations with spreadsheets on the TV. Or sometimes it’s nervously funding a round of sling pack production, hoping for the chance to sell it in retail stores. Or sometimes it’s booking flights to Germany to pitch international distributors on the carter joey story and then sacrificing during the hard times at home. For us it’s giving time, and then more time, and then blocking out time tomorrow to this brand.


We have such deep faith in this new venture that it’s a bit hard for us to focus on much else, really. Damon recently returned from the Kind + Jugend trade show and the response to his meetings are just so humbling. The possibility of our little ideas being sold globally is a feeling hard to describe. It’s a little pride mixed with skepticism and awe. But then determination quickly follows and the grit sets in. We’re here. We don’t know how long it will take us or how far the road stretches out ahead, but we do know we’re committed. 



And why not? Why not chase what matters to us, or try something we’ve never done before? For such a time as this. We will continue to say yes. We will continue to give. We will continue with no quit. This is what it looks like for us to chase. And we couldn’t be happier.