Why I Love Being A Mom!

Damon asked me recently, “What is your favorite thing about being a mom?” The answer came instantly. Lately, my favorite thing about rearing two children is watching them rear each other. The way Carter talks to Deacon, teaches him, helps him, even loves him – just melts my heart. I love watching them run around together in the backyard, I love hearing them play cars together, I love them, being together. But, as Deacon has become his own I’ve thoroughly loved watching the differences in their personalities. Carter doesn’t care for peaches, but Deacon could eat two in one sitting. Deacon’s eyes don’t stay glued to a screen, he prefers books. Just knowing these things about these boys. These humans. These tiny, real people who have complex thoughts, emotions, desires, dreams. Being the one who gets to peak at these intimate moments between them is so special



And it feels like just about every other day they grow closer in a new way. Deacon’s vocabulary is growing so fast, and Carter’s maturity is starting to step out of the toddler ways. They are starting to form their own relationship, their own bond, their own roots. Although, Carter does most of the instructing these days, in time he will learn from Deacon as well. Deacon looks at Carter with awe, star-struck eyes. He can’t wait to watch Carter do something, so he can try to do the exact same. 




These boys. Good grief, do I love them. It’s humbling - observing my thoughts and interactions change as they change. As they grow. I didn’t realize how quickly parenting shifts away from giving care to teaching and guiding. My favorite thing about being a mamma will change with the ebbs and flows of the seasons, but right now for me, there is nothing better than seeing those two just want to be together.  


- Catherine