About Us

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA!

With the land of hills, rivers and trails - we have plenty of options to explore the outdoors! But who has the time? Who has the energy? Who has the stamina to pack up the kids, a picnic, get the right clothes and gear and arrive with a smile on your face?

You do. Life's not easy with Littles, but it sure is sweet. And worth giving every (unending) last straw of patience to experience it with them. 

Here's us. Damon, Carter, Deacon, me and our dog, Captain. We're outdoor people. Most weekends you'll find us outside with a campfire. You'll find Deacon hiking up our backhill and Carter hitting golf balls straight towards our windows. But you'll mostly find a little family being together. Making memories. Being Active. Not Busy. 

This brand, these products are practically for your children to use outside. But they're more than that. They're to help you get through the door with a smile on your face. They're to help you plan activities with your Littles. They, and we, are here to encourage you to Be Active. Not Busy.